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Language Patterns (here: German) with a Filter Technique

Language Patterns (here: German) with a Filter Technique

Everyone is interested in how certain elements of natural learning can be adopted by the machine – but why in a one-way street mode?

The machine is getting better and better at extrapolating, calculating probabilities and finding parallels.

But who thinks about how humans can transfer some of the simple routines from the machine profitably into their thinking?

Often people’s own intellectuality stands in the way: for example, when it comes to observing and using the effects of a change in language pattern.

  • Speech patterns are part of the algorithms that search engines work with. In machine learning, people make sure that word stemming simplifies the process of capturing texts.
  • When dealing with the simplest mental conflicts, such as the question of how to deal with imposing thoughts, people increase the complexity. This is a mistake.
  • It makes sense to work with simple methods as a therapist and counselor with the persistent negative patterns in life: methods that clients can easily apply to themselves.
  • Ok, this is no machine learning, but it shows how quickly simple routines can be adopted from the world of computers and servers into everyday life:

Imagine a thought that you have long wanted to “get rid of”. How successful have you been at forbidding yourself from the thought? Since all energy goes where the attention goes, you are strengthening a thought against which you are acting. It is a natural process.

Now imagine if you built a redirection function into your brain (figuratively). A 301-200 redirect would “switch” a redirect to a useful thought or resource every time the unwanted thought occurs.

The good news: as you read this text, your brain is already busy thinking about such a transfer. Who knows, the first effective forwarding may soon be established in your head.